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创建: 2023年10月18日

更新: 2023年10月18日

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CoolStore 响应 Shopify 2.0的主题 was 设计ed and created to give kitchen appliance dealers, 首页 utility showrooms & other 电子商务 providers an easy, quick, and economical method to build a website.

CoolStore kitchen Shopify theme is fully 响应 which is adaptable and easy-to-use. CoolStore offers you an attractive page layout with a full 首页page slideshow to show your highlight products and promotions. Besides, you can easily and beautifully place your top products with sliders.

CoolStore lets you represent the categories, banners and brands in a logical and eye-catching way interspersed among the layout elements. 除了, you can quickly create an awesome and stunning online kitchen 商店 with a simple Shopify Drag & 降低建造者. 3 .预制的商店页面 & 产品页面样式: left sidebar, right sidebar, without sidebar; along with 5 product types are perfect for showing your products most appealingly. You also can make use of other built-in inner pages such as: 4 博客 Page styles, About, Contact, P艺术ners and FAQ Page to strengthen your website.


  • 响应设计
  • 产品特色滑块
  • 产品销售标签
  • 网格 & 列表视图模式
  • 顾客评论
  • 产品猫头鹰旋转木马
  • 宽屏滑块
  • 切换菜单
  • Ajax购物车
  • 产品标签
  • 产品特色滑块
  • P艺术ner Information Widget
  • 关于我们
  • 联系页面

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A few reasons why you should not buy this theme: 1) Hard to customize the fonts. You have to write to the author of the theme to know how to change the font. 2) Want to make any changes to this theme – just edit the code. Yeah, only a few theme sections can be customized via Shopify interface. 3) Google Pagespeed Insights – mobile & 桌面分数很烂. The theme is not so bad at all, but it's slow loading – I've got 36 points in Google Pagespeed for the mobile version & 64 points for the desktop version. 4) If you don't have an app in Google or Apple application 商店s – you must edit the code to delete blocks in the footer, but these blocks are useless for the majority of online 商店s, 所以这是一个猴子的工作. 5) If you want to change the color of your theme – go edit the code, cause you can't do it via Shopify interface. I'm disappointed with the overall quality of this theme & tried to return my money, but the author of this theme is an a***ole, who doesn't want to return your money if you'll try to make a refund. I've switched to another e-commerce website builder & made all these changes with no effort & got a faster-downloading website with 87-92 points in Google Pagespeed Insights.

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