11点信息图表的ppt元素是一个伟大的方式来展示点非常有吸引力的方式.you also can change icons, fonts and adjust points as you like.请随意喜欢它和...
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圆形图元素信息图. 7+ Amazing Circle Infographics editable template.Features & Files Included: — Adobe Illustrator eps — Svg — Psd
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使用我们的Mega Infographics Bundle在PowerPoint中轻松创建令人惊叹的演示文稿. Over 500 fully customizable infographics at your fingertips
Impress your audience with this Infographic PowerPoint Template. This PowerPoint Template it comes with 30+ total unique slides, 你可以把它用于营销, Investments, Branding, E-Learning,...
Impress your audience with this Infographic Keynote Template. This Keynote Template it comes with 30+ total unique slides, 你可以把它用于营销, Investments, Branding, E-Learning,...
4 Points infographic elements is a unique eye catchy Infographic element.它的设计是为了抓住观众的思想,并且很容易被记住,因为它已经在观众的记忆中留下了印记.great...
商业信息图表模板在当今世界的所有演示中都是至关重要的. 模板是100%可编辑的,并有高质量的信息图表描绘你的想法,以最好的...
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10,000 pre-made infographic templates with steps, processes, timelines, graphs, charts, maps, comparisons, options, pros and cons, and many more.
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路线图信息图模板是动态的可视化工具,擅长于传达复杂的计划, strategies, 以及清晰而有影响力的时间表.
- AI (3 AI文件Illustrator CC,Illustrator CS3, Illustrator CS) — EPS (2 EPS Files for Illustrator CS, 1 PSD分层文件(PSD文件是在Illustrator CC中生成的, some...
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Ignite the spark of knowledge with the 教育资讯图模板. 说明概念, timelines, 毫不费力的统计, creating engaging visual aids for classrooms
Data visualization and segments design set vectors with colorful shapes. 现代图表信息图形设计集合为办公室演示. Business infographic flow chart and pie chart...
- AI (Illustrator CC) - EPS (EPS10) - PSD (1 PSD分层文件(PSD文件是在Illustrator CC中生成的, 有些功能可能会丢失. To reach maximum editability use Adobe Illustrator)) —...
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Infographics have gained considerable popularity in recent years. 人们喜欢它是有原因的. 它可以帮助读者理解和记忆大量的信息. 它看起来赏心悦目,富有创意,是展示信息的绝佳形式. 分析,在明亮的可视化表达,总是找到一个积极的反应. 事实上,毫不夸张地说,它已经变得相当吸引人了. 一切难以理解的东西, can be made easier if it's stated through the infographics. With its help, complex facts become easy to understand. Well-formed infographics give a clear vision of the picture as a whole, 毫无疑问,它比文本或表格格式的信息更受欢迎.


And today, 越来越多的设计师开始涉足这一领域,并大胆尝试创造一种独特的风格, 创意和信息设计. However, 缺乏清晰的观点和正确的创建方法的知识将导致制作一个好的信息图表成为一项困难甚至不可能完成的任务. 特别是,如果你从头开始. 它通常包含图形, 图的组合, 摄影和绘画图像, 印刷质量, 文本段落, and so on. 将所有这些元素组合成一个和谐的视觉系列是相当困难的. Doing this requires a lot of time and effort.

在这里,带有时尚设计的信息图元素和模板出现了. 这些元素是非常有用的,肯定会有助于在你的网站上更容易地呈现复杂的信息. 如果你最近提供了一个项目的信息图设计,你想自己做, 塑造你的创意, 那么我们随时准备帮助你. How? 嗯,例如,我们有最好的模板和元素的信息图表提供. 他们将有助于开发视觉上吸引人的信息图表,信息丰富,有用. Fortunately, 我们的网站有足够数量的优秀信息图表元素和模板提供. You can easily evaluate and apply any of them. We hope that our products will be useful to you.

在我们的网站上,我们有所有可能的图形和元素,可以直观地呈现数据. You can apply these infographics in the presentation or on your site. We can offer useful elements that can help you display data correctly. 有了它,您可以创建漂亮的演示文稿,显示业务流程中的成功之路.

Our solutions can be applied in different areas. For example, 如果你想为启动项目创建一个演示文稿,并展示你所有的工作属性, 那么我们的模板正适合您. Or do you need a beautiful tourist website or a travel blog? Then what we can offer will do the best too.

Do you transport cargo or carry out deliveries? 对你来说,向你网站的访问者解释物流的所有细微差别是非常重要的,这样他们就会选择你作为物流师? Our templates will help to clarify some of those nuances.

Are you the head of the company or self-employed? Do you need to tell a lot about yourself on your personal website? Use our business infographic templates right now. 或者你是一个社会学家? 或者是营销人员,他们会为正在完成的工作编写一份效率报告? 你也可以使用我们的模板. Don't want to go off with a serious official style? We can find something for your presentation or the site as well.

Do you want to create an effective landing page? 添加我们的信息图表, which will be able to promote your brand on the Internet, because the more attractive your website or page is on social networks, 人们与朋友分享这些内容的机会就越大.

信息图表帮助您以可视化的形式显示各种文本和数字数据. In each of us, a child still doesn’t want to read books without pictures. 因此,我们为您提供了我们收集的信息图元素,您可以将其用于您的项目. 我们展示了我们的信息图模板和元素,希望您会欣赏我们的收藏. We wish you a profit and a high conversion on your site. Make yourself comfortable, evaluate and choose.